With the right tools at your fingertips, managing your internal appraisal process is simple and easy, but most importantly it saves you time and money. Landscape™ is appraisal management cloudware built from the ground up by an appraisal management company, bringing you industry knowledge and expertise of a veteran AMC that results in a system providing you full control over your appraisal process while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Landscape™ provides a comprehensive solution with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use and manage features you want to manage the appraisal process. Your team has complete control over every aspect of the appraisal process so you can focus on increasing appraisal quality and service levels that will directly impact your bottom line. 


ONE Unlimited user accounts
TWO Account set-up, email and phone support
THREE Free web training and materials
FOUR Regularly scheduled, automatic cloudware release upgrades

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Vendor Management

A direct integration of HUD and ASC databases ensures your vendors’ licenses are up to date. Easily invite your panel to join Landscape or take advantage of a built in panel of over 10,000 appraisers nationwide. Advanced vendor management features include tracking of vacation days, languages spoken, types of appraisals performed, etc.

User Settings

Easily configure settings for your brokers and clients such as pricing, exclusionary lists, ordering options, accessible AMCs and more.

Auto Select and Advanced Mapping

Create a custom assignment algorithm based on criteria such as vendor historical performance, proximity from the subject, turn time and more, to invite vendors to accept an order. Advanced mapping allows you to easily see all available vendors from your panel and provides an overlay of HUD and ASC database appraisers to assist with recruitment and manual assignment.

Status Select

Landscape’s Status Select feature allows you to assign priorities for follow-up based on order status, payment status and more so your orders will be automatically queued up without human interaction.


Keep your leads organized with a custom CRM that allows you to store and categorize leads as your sales teams works through them. Built in calendar allows you to set follow up appointments and generate email reminders.

No Cost Setup

Landscape™ is cloud based, so there is no software to install and account set-up takes minutes.

Full Service AMC Backbone

Take advantage of Landmark Network’s expertise as an AMC to build your appraisal panel, or get help completing difficult files.

Remain Compliant

Built in systems of checks and balances helps you stay ahead of the curve on appraiser independence regulations.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging allows you to communicate with your vendor and your broker or internal LO/processor and provide status updates or request additional information. All messages are logged within the order details and only visible to appropriate parties.

UCDP Integration

UCDP integration allows for seamless automatic delivery of the appraisal report. Deliver once or as many times as you like based on custom settings.

Custom QC Checklist

Take advantage of a QC checklist that encompasses over 170 data points with focus on basic appraisal principles, HUD and GSE guidelines. Add to this, custom required items or remove items as necessary.


Optional built-In accounting functionality allows you to track, review and approve vendor invoices for payment through Landscape. Quickly process payments from borrowers through one centralized system.


Each individual order features a detailed activity log that tracks every action performed. Generate custom management level reports based on a wide range of variables and data points.

One Stop Payment Processing

Accept payments from your borrowers with ease and you no longer have to worry about keeping track of/or remitting payment to appraisers.

Maintain Your Vendor Panel

Keep up with your existing individual appraiser and AMC relationships to ensure appraisal turn time and quality continuity.